Weight Loss Challenge

A Great Body Is Worth It
Are you truly ready to tackle a weight loss challenge? Then you can't take just one approach. The Trinity 90 Day Challenge combines moderate exercise with a flexible meal guide and proprietary herbal supplements.
Weight Loss Challenge
How it Works
Nutrition + Herbal Supplements + Exercise
Trinity 90 Day Challnege

Conquer Your Weight Loss Goals

Let's face the facts. If you want to lose wieght, you will need to eat better, exercise a little and supplement what your body is missing. The hardest part of this is getting a good routine started. The good news is we made it easy for you by starting with easy goals and building that up overtime. By the time the challenge is over, you will have established a lasting routine.
Accept The Challenge

1st - Accept The Challenge

Progressive Workout Routine

2nd - Go All In

This is Why Our Plan
Can Actually Work

We are not asking you to join a gym or drastically change your lifestlye. Instead we are going to turn your everyday routine into an exercise plan. We are going to give you a nutrition plan that is based on your unique body type. To boost your body's fat-burning and digestive functionality, we will provide you with all-natural herbal supplements at our best offer ever.
What You Need To Do
Create A Routine

The 90 days outlined in this challnge are desinged to turn your body into a fine-tuned machine. The weight-gain caused by the imbalance in your digestion, circulation and blood sugar can be improved by developing a healthy routine. Adjusting your diet, moving a little more and taking herbal supplements can fit into your everyday life.

Body Type Nutrition

1. Balance Your Nutrition

Fuel your body from a large menu of suggested ingredients approved for your unique body type. You will gradually cut sugar, reduce dairy, reduce carbs while eating more of what you need.

Body Type Quiz

2. Move A Little More

You don't have to climb a mountain to lose weight. You just need a healthy balance of cardio, calorie burn, strength training and sculpting. This is done by increasing the activites you already do.

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3. Supplement Your Body

Give your body the all-natural edge with the Trinity Diet Supplements. Made with concentrated plant extracts that combat fat by balancing your digestion, circulation and blood sugar.

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Do I Need Supplements
Balance Your Body

Weight gain and many other health problems can be directly linked to an imbalance in your digestive tract, circulation and blood sugar. The Trinity Diet Supplements are formulated to restore these body functions.

Balance Your Body
  • Digestion:

    Weight loss truly starts with digestion. Balancing your digestive tract can prevent constipation, excess fat absorption and a build-up of undigested food. 

  • Circulation:

    In order to burn calories, your internal organs need a healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients. Impoving your circulation can help you boost your metabolism and energy level.

  • Blood Sugar:

    When your blood sugrar is off it can signal the body to store  fat. Balancing your body's blood sugar can help prevent blood sugar dysfunction and related health issues.

Three Powerful Supplements
Slimple Appetite Suppressant


Control Your Hunger

This herbal mix triggers your body's sense of fullness and ignites your metabolism.

Slimple Body Cleanse


Restore Your Gut

Gently relieve constipation, block fat absorbtion and remove undigested foods.


Boost Metabolism

With 25,000% vitamin B-12 this formula can boost your energy and metabolism during your workouts.

Balance Your Body For Weight-Loss:




Conquer Your Daily Routines:




Trinity 90 Day Challenge

Get Started

  • Take the Body Type Quiz - Understanding your unique body type is the first step to a healthy body and a balanced diet that agrees with your digestive tract.

  • Follow The Daily Guide - This is your number one weight loss ally. Each day of the challenge is outlined with the nutrition, exercise and supplements you need for that day. It starts with a very realistic starting point and builds gradually over the 90 days.

  • Ease Into It  - For a diet to work, you have to stay with it. Being too strict on yourself can cause you to loos initiative. Don't worry our guide will start with what you can handle and finish with a healthy you.

Determine Your Body Type With This 5 Min Quiz
5 Min Body Type Quiz:

1. Body Size

2. Body Weight

3. Appetite

4. Digestion

5. Bowel Movements

6. Sleep Pattern

7. Belly

8. Teeth

9. Skin

10. Thirst Level

11. Emotional State

12. Focus

Get Your 90 Day Supply
of All 3 Supplements for Only $39.95
Slimple Trinity Diet Supplements
Trinity Diet Supplements

You get 3 bottles of Appetite Suppressant, 3 bottles of Daily Body Cleanse and 3 Bottles of Diet + Energy Spray. These powerful herbal weight-loss supplements are designed for use with the Trinity 90 Day Challenge.

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90 Day Herbal Supplements

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