Motivate Your Diet

Diet Stairs
Diet Success
Keep Your Diet Motivated The definition of dieting is to restrict one's self to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose...
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Fast Food "Healthy Menu" Myths

Fast Food Salad
Chicken Fast Food
What is the Truth Behind the "Healthy Menu" You are trying to eat healthy, but you are on the road and in a hurry.  You...
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Top 5 Super Foods

Broccoli, a Super Food
Super Food Man
Without your health, what do you have? A huge part of staying healthy is how you nourish your body. Nutrients are chemical compounds contained in...
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Don't Pull a Muscle!

Proper Stretching Technique 1
Proper Stretching Technique 1
Since our Healthy Living Blog is just warming up, I thought it would be neat to talk about the proper ways to warm up your...
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Healthy Living Starts Today

Healthy Living Exercise
Healthy Living Meditate
Welcome to our Blog The "Healthy Living Blog" by Slimple ™ offers great tips on how to take care of not just your body, but...
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