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How to Squat with Proper Form

Usually, when people decide they want to work out, they have goals in mind. Maybe they want to be stronger, lose weight, be healthier, get toned, or all of the above. Squats are one of the best moves to add to any and all your workout routines. Why? Keep reading to find out.

Squats are Fundamental

How to Squat with Proper FormOne of the very first things that we do as infants and young children is squat. However, as we get older, we forget how to and don’t incorporate it into our daily lives. So, why should we squat? After all, it doesn’t seem like the easiest move to do. Well, as it turns out, squats help us to improve our mobility, they promote muscle building throughout the body, and they improve balance.

The Best Way to Squat

So, you’re looking forward to experiencing all of the benefits of squats but aren’t sure if you know how to properly do this move. Here are some tips to help you get your squats right every time:

  • Keep looking forward: putting your head down will automatically throw off your spine’s alignment. Pick a spot on the wall and keep looking at it all the way down.
  • Watch your lower back: Keep your lower back flat or slightly arched. Do not hyperextend or arch too much, as you greatly increase your risk of injury.
  • Point your toes: As you keep your feet apart, you need slightly point your toes outwards. This will improve your stabilization and help you to get through this exercise.


If you find that even with the tips above, you’re still having a hard time getting through your squats, be sure to get help from a personal trainer. Also, another way to measure your squat success is to see where your hips are in relation to your knees. At the bottom of your squat, your hips should be slightly below your knees. Keep this in mind and you should reach your fitness goals in no time!

Benefits of Exercising Alone

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